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      Hi CeCe,
      Glad you didn’t give up on us when our sever was down. Troubleshooting the problems now and hopefully will have no more(at least anytime soon!)
      Now, to answer your question(one of them anyway). Doctors recommend staying on Tap. or PTU’s no longer than 2 years max. . Reason being is it can cause liver damage. Some people stay on it indefinately and those people need to have their liver function checked on a regular basis. My mother-in-law is one of these people, however, she is considering RAI.
      I hope this helps with this question anyway and will let the “experts” with graves answer your other questions.

      Best Wishes,

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        Cece–everything I’ve read indicates that regardless of treatment choice, the thyroid will eventually (in most cases) be destroyed by the antibody attack (even when totally untreated, if the person lives that long), leaving the person hypothyroid.


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          Thanks JAN for the quick response. I’m getting the feeling I may be
          coming to a crossroads myself. The RAI and the resulting hypo problems
          scare me so I guess I’m waiting for something to push me. My mom and
          sis are hypo and me hyper.. what a lovely bunch of coconuts! So happy
          to see this bb again. Hello to all.

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            Happy to find this board up again. Posted once time early summer.
            Diag. w/Graves for about 10 yrs. Low dose tapazole seems to keep me
            stable with little or no changes. Last year however, dr. doing liver
            profiles ea blood test. I understand taking meds long time may affect
            liver. Last visit said my thryoid felt much rougher. I asked why and
            he said “more damage.” Said next visit he will send me for ultra sound.
            Been finding out more info than I every knew from bb but don’t quite
            understand if taking meds why thyroid would continue to be damaged.
            He throws these things out like an afterthought and then I get home
            and start thinking about it. Is there a limit on how long you can
            take tapazole? For someone who’s had this for so long I’m pretty dumb
            I think. Any info very much appreciated.

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