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      Hi Everyone

      I don’t have Graves but my Girlfriend has just been diagnosed after three months
      of feeling lousy after a bad virus. Judging by what I’ve read she is quite lucky to catch it so soon.
      She has got very minor eye-popping but not so as you would notice unless you were aware of it. Other than this she generally feels weak, high pulse etc.
      Her doctor has prescribed a thyroid blocker but she has, so far refused to take it as she has been
      told that this is likely to kill off her thyroid completely and mean she will have to take thyroxin for life. If this right? – I though that only radio Iodine of Surgery would actually kill the thyroid and the pills just suppressed it in the hope that she might get remission when she stops them.
      She has started taking some homeopathic junk which I think is just delaying the inevitable – assuming this does not work is she risking making things worse by delaying proper treatment? I would be very interested to know if anyone has had good results with alternative medicine.

      Sorry about all the questions but we don’t seem to have any support in the UK.

      Thanks in anticipation.

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        Dear Richard,

        You are correct. The thyroid blocking medicine will not kill off the thyroid. She is just putting off the inevitable. Please remember, we with graves disease do get a bit irrational.

        As far as alternative medicine is concerned, she should not be taking anything with iodine in it for that can be dangerous to us.

        Please tell her that the longer she puts off treatment the worse her eyes can get. Also, she risks damaging her organs, including her heart, by postponing treatment.

        Good luck, I hope this helps

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