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      I am seeking input about TSH ranges for “normal.” I know there are probably different indexes being used across the the country based on differences in lab references and assays. I’m looking for cross-references for what contitutes a “normal” range. Please let me know what you’ve heard out there. Thanks! Luci from Texas

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        If you are confidant about your GP, do not fret at this point in time. Personally, I think that having a trusting relationship between doctor and patient is very important when we have to see the docs as frequently as we do (for a while). Travelling 400 miles to see a doctor once does not make a whole lot of sense. Things I would suggest:

        Keep copies of all of your lab tests. You should do this anyway, but if there is a chance that you are going to consult an endo at some point in time in the future, having a lab record of things might help.

        Get a copy of YOUR THYROID: A Home Reference by Drs. Cooper, Ridgway and Wood or THE THYROID SOURCEBOOK by Sara Rosenthal and read up on the disease and its treatments, so that you understand what is normal, what is expected, what to expect from the treatments etc. I recommend this to all new people with GD. The more knowledgable we become, the better we are able to participate with our doctors and help ourselves through things.

        Wishing you good luck, and good health, soon.
        Bobbi — NGDF Asst. Online Facilitator

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          Ok i’m back. It’s been a while and have been very busy. I have been really tired for the last several months and of course everyone says it’s due to have 4 kids 3 of which are 5 and under. The youngest is 23months and in our and is keeping me up at night. But i was tired wayyy before her keeping me up.

          11/23/05 1.280 Pregnant
          01/11/06 0.380 Pregnant
          06/13/06 0.500 Pregnant(had baby 7/24/06)
          08/17/06 0.650
          09/11/06 0.740
          12/1/2006 Had a virus
          01/29/07 0.293
          Middle February,2007 Pulse at rest was about 80,Shaky/jittery,intolerance to heat,hair falling out,just started to studder when upset. Endo at the time said I was wrong with how I felt and said wait 6 weeks.

          03/15/07 TSH 0.105 (after waiting 6 weeks) still felt the same, endo still wouldn’t put me on PTU
          03/22/07 TSH 0.167 (dosed myself with 50mg’s once a day)
          04/26/07 TSH 0.403 Free T4 1.27(saw different endo who said dose was fine keep it up)
          5/18/07 Stopped PTU
          06/15/07 TSH 1.269

          12/13/07 TSH 1.000
          1/9/08 Staph infection Then strep throat twice, then a cold
          02/18/08 TSH 0.940
          03/01/08 I had the flu
          06/26/08 TSH 0.860 Feeling tired, all I want to do is sleep.

          I never think about my tsh level after pregnancies because of being tired from nursing so I can never tell if it’s tsh or nursing.

          I know I have said this before, but I have to say it again….WHY oh WHY do I feel Tired if I am below a 1.0 ?

          The Range is .35-5.5 and .86 is within range so why am I so exhausted? I have an appt with the endo for August. Again am i just imagining it or what? My husband thinks my level is going below this and fluctuating and it just so happened that this time it was .86, he did notice that it’s lower than the one from Feb. I just don’t get it!!!
          I thought it was more than just TSH being low or lower that caused any symptoms of graves? Doesn’t it have to be TSH , T3 or T4 being off for symptoms to come not just a TSH level? and if so then why if i’m within range like the dr’s say am i so tired?

          Ok off soap box and no longer venting ;-)

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            Of course, no one but your doctor can tell you why you are so tired or attempt to address your TSH ranges. I think you should pursue that question with your doctor. It might interest you to know, however, that both of my sisters, who don’t have thyroid disease, have their thyroid levels checked yearly at my insistence, and consistently have had TSH levels that are under 1.0 (but in the normal range).

            I remember being extremely tired during the years when I was nursing my babies and such, but it wasn’t a pathological kind of tired as we get when we are ill. I was able to restore myself with rest if I ever got that chance, unlike with Graves’ Disease. I suggest you make every attempt to get enough help so that you have a chance to get some rest and try to determine which kind of fatigue you’re experiencing, and again as I said, talk to your doctor.

            I hope you feel better soon, as motherhood is difficult enough.

            Dianne W
            Online Facilitator

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