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      Mary, According to the ref. ranges on my last bloodwork:
      The normal Free T3 range is 210-440, the normal T3, Total, RIA is 87-180
      Free T4 is 0.7 – 2.0 and TSH high sensitivity is 0.55 – 4.50

      Even after being on PTU for many weeks my heart still pounded until I
      started on Inderal. I still have moments when in spite of it it goes up some,
      just not as badly. I thought it had been long enough for all the excess
      thyroid hormones to be out of my blood and tissues!

      I hope your pulse mellows out soon. Happy New Year! Glynis

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        Hi! What I need to do is go out and purchase a thyroid book – untill then can someone respond as to what are normal TSH levels and free T4 levels? I just had my first appointment with the endo since being on Tapazole and what he tells me doesn’t mean a whole lot! My Tsh was 2 – (was 6 when diagnosed) and the other was suppressed. Thanks! Also my heart keeps pounding away – how long does this go on or will it continue even though I’m on Tapazole? There are moments when it has come down to 70 – but for the most part it’s always pounding. The Verapamil doesn’t seem to do much. Thanks!!

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          Hi Eberyone,
          I’m looking for information again. After dropping like a stone into hypo,I was rushed through the synthroid doses and seemed to be levelling out at 150mcg. However my T4 levels were still a little high at 27, so the doc lowered the dose to 125mcg. I appeared to regain all my hypo symptoms so we moved to 130mcg. Guess what my T4 is back at 26 now I feel good. My question is how can I have such similar readings on such different doses? Anyone have any ideas? I would have thought that a drop of 20mcg would have lowered the levels somewaht!
          Thanks, any input appreciated.

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