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      Okay, I just heard something very interesting from the nurse at my endo’s office.

      I had my T4 and TSH levels checked by my regular doctor. I don’t know if this is the same for everyone but he said normal T4 is between .71 and 1.84 and I was 1.46. And, normal TSH Supersensitive is between .38 and 4.7 and I was .89.

      I had my family doctor fax my TSH to the endo’s office. I told her my face and eyes are still really swollen in the morning and I still want to sleep all the time and I feel depressed so I thought the doctor could increase my synthroid dosage. She told me that if this is the way I was feeling then the dose would be decreased to let my TSH rise. Is this true?

      The last time I saw the endo I was on .100 and told him I was feeling the same as above and he then put me on .125. Is this an increase or a decrease?

      Hope someone knows the answer because the nurse totally confused me and she got flabergasted because of all my questions and was of no help.

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        hi some questions please, well got my test yes,im hypo
        doctor said my tsh is 16.35 what ever that means he has put
        me on levothyroxine .1mg what should i expect ? is this normal
        procedure. And will anything happen to me at this point, i know im a
        big baby,but can use the help .

        thanks ,crazy steve

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