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      Hi everyone,

      I am still reading messages back five days ago (#4502) and trying to catch up. It sure doesn’t take long to get behind now that this is going so well. I don’t have anything profound, but just a few noted:

      First, and this is IMPORTANT: If anyone on the board has had diabetes and then developed Graves’ would you please e-mail your experience to Denise Bradley,. Her address is “” She put a post on the bb a long time ago, and no one responded. She only has access to a friend’s e-mail. If any of you that can connect would put a similar request on the “” board, perhaps someone there knows what it is like. I PROMISED her I would put this request on here for her.

      If any of you have tried to call me, please excuse the long wait to get a message on the machine. The number of beeps has nothing todo with the number of messages, but rather how long the messages are. Some people talk for literally five minjutes.

      Many, many thanks to those of you that have offered to make phone calls and transcribe tapes. I have a friend visiting me this weekend, and she has offered to help me do some catching up, and that is the number one priority–getting e-mails to the telephone people, and fixing the tapes up for mailing.

      The next newsletter is almost ready, and should be out in the next couple of weeks. Pat Anicka is working on that.

      I am trying to finalize the speakers for the conference.. I got a call from Dr. Wolkov in California today. He is invited, but he may know of someone in Denver, CO, that could come and speak on orbital radiation. It is shaping up that we will have a whole track on eyes, and the various treatments, as well as general eye care for while you are waiting. Also, a psychiatrist, an pharmacist, and hopefully a reproductive endocrinologist. The family therap[ist from last conference is returning. That’s the agenda for now. We will begin about noon on Friday, August 8, and end about 1:00 on August 11.There will be some free time Saturday afternoon, and Bruce is looking into something like a rafting trip, and Peggy Haseley, our meeting planner, is looking into some other activities. We have one “mystery guest”, and you bb’ers will be really surprised.

      Please be thinking of questions you would like to have the speakers addressed. E-mail them to me, and I will collect them and get them to the speakers. That way, the talks will be really geared toward what you want to know about. All the speakers will available for pretty much as many questions as you come up with. They are VERY “user-friendly”. If you have any suggestions, e-mail me. Please get the registration form off the home page, and register early. Plane fares have been ‘way down, and the hotel rooms are limited. We are trying to get some more reserved for us.

      Have a good weekend, and I will try to catch up on the posts by mid-week. I have been spiraling down, and suspect I am pretty hypo for some reason. Got bloodwork today, but won’e get the results for a week, since they go from North Carolina to Florida to California and then back to Florida. I am falling, walking into walls, and “crashing” by 7pm at night. I see my eye surgeon next Friday to see the results of the bone implants done in December. I have been taping my eye for the past several days :-(.

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