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      I guess I’m not the only one sitting up at 1:50 am at the computer. It
      has been hard to sleep since being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.
      (maybe Graves Disease, I’ll find out next week).
      Reading everyones problems with Graves, I hope that I don’t have it
      but I’m pretty sure that I do. I don’t know if finding this bulletin board
      has been good for me. It certainly has put fear and anxiety in me.
      This disease sounds terrible.
      My hair too has been falling out and I am concerned about weight gain.
      I have lost 13 lbs but just started on Tapazole and I am worried.
      How much weight did you gain? I’d like to say try and stay positive
      but I don’t really know the full force of the disease yet. Perhaps in a
      few months, I’ll be feeling much like you. Take care. I’ll say a prayer for
      you. I hope everything goes well with your daughters wedding.
      Don’t worry about the pictures. What does it matter what people think.
      Find things to make yourself happy.

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        Trish, need a good spirited story? My mother, when she was in her 50’s started to have little “mishaps” around the house. One day, she was trying to hang something up on the shower curtain rod and
        slipped and hurt her foot on the tub. I’m skipping to the end because it’s a long story… Well, she went to the wedding with extra large sandles on and she still refuses to look at that wedding picture : she said that it “looks funny”.
        Another wedding mishap is when my ex-husband and I went to reno with his mother and she wanted to drive. She drove alright, 200 yards in reverse going 30 miles per hour! Then, she gives us a big party the week later and she forgets her shoes,which are in another car going the opposite direction..

        Don’t worry, you’ll look just fine. Be happy and enjoy your life. For me, I’m writing some of these incidents on paper.
        The other day, she was trying to describe the dodger’s pitcher who is Korean: Mr Park. She said “you know, Mr Kim CHEE”.

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          hi everybody! Ugh, I’ve been cleaning out closets and I found a picture of myself from a couple of years ago. What a shock! It’s not that I didn’t know I looked different now, it’s just that I didn’t realize how bad it is! I looked great! I was a normal weight with a full head of hair! I could just cry. I tell myself my size doesn’t matter and I spend more on clothes to have a nice appearance, but the truth is I’m fat and ugly and my hair looks like hell! It was always thin and fine, nbut now you can practically see my scalp! And it’s almost all grow back in! My daughter is getting married in June. I’m so embarrassed to be in any pictures and to have people see me. Wish I never would have found that stupid picture! Ignorance is bliss in this case! Thanks for listening! Trish

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            Trish, oh dear, okay I won’t look at my old photos either. I have thinned out on my head too. And on Tapazole a little weight has crept back. Not fun, huh? Hang in there. They’ll all love you at the wedding anyway. Jeannette

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              I know what you mean, Trish. I’ve been thinking seriously lately about taking a hammer to all of the mirrors in the house, too. I am beginning to look like a Shar Pei: the puffy eyes bag down to mid-cheek and are turning a wonderful shade of “mauve”. Mauve is NOT my color. : ) Suggestions: find a REALLY good hairdresser. There are folks out there in the business who don’t know what to do with abnormal situations, but there are good ones who can really make a difference in how the hair lies. Then, go to the cosmetics counter somewhere good, and get someone who knows their stuff to help you with make-up. Keep at both until you find a “look” that YOU like and feel good about. The next suggestion, strange as it is, is SMILE. I look a whole lot better when I’m smiling, and I bet you do, too.

              Bobbi — still smiling.

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