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      who had gone through the radiation treatments. The Salon is close by Stanford hospital. She usually sees the patients from there. Well, I went in and wanted a hair cut/style. It was nice to know that she went through what all we did. She was really upset about the term “troll hair”.

      Now, this is what she said.. the magic isn’t in the shampoo you use, it’s the conditioner. What we need to do , or at least in my case, is to keep moisture in the hair. If you must use a mousse, try and get one without the alcohol. Alcohol just dries the hair even more. Use a gel instead of the mousse and your hair will look a little better.
      Also, there are several things that a person must do in order to keep the troll hair from coming back. Okay, like drying the scalp. She said not to worry about the ends being wet, thye can take care of themselves. It’s the scalp that needs to be dry. Also, towel dry the head before using that hair dryer. That helps too.
      It was also suprising to know that she had the same problem with the teeth as I did. It’s a small world.
      One other thing that one must have (women and men alike) is the appropriate hair brush. Get one that is “round”. I think you can figure that one out.

      If there’s any other questions on hair, I’ll ask her the next time I go and get a haircut (usually once a month), okay? She said that she would be happy to answer questions.
      Be kind to yourself, there are things that you can do to get in a “happy” mood. I found at least one today.

        Post count: 93172

        been sleeping for 3 days now, because i cant get to doctor on the
        weekend, also got buzzing in ears, and headache also suffing with
        alot of stomach problems. the only good sign is im off beta blockers,
        what is this disease one weak well, the other your sick again.

        just waiting now for my eyes to pop out all in time steve,i say
        to myself. I need replacement drugs hopefully some dr. will
        help me tomorrow.

        thanks ,for the chat – crazy steve

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