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      Just began rummaging around on the BB for some info. Well, it seems as though there are more people who have had this procedure other than myself.
      I was diagnosed with Scoliosis: for those who don’t know about this disease, it’s a curvature of the spine which, if untreated: or at least the type that I had was left untreated, it would leave a person crippled.
      I had my Mylogram done in 1978 by some doctors in the military. They also told me not to move, but it was only for an hour. For the pain, yes, I had a headache, but it wasn’t as bad as the twitching in the nerves of the back. Well, anyway had surgery on the back in 1978, went home had unusual problems. Tingling in nervous system was the worst of all symptoms. Went hyper in 1993, problem started all over again. Yes, it did subside, but the darn tingling stayed.
      What was not mentioned was that when I was having my mylogram, the dye that was used was not a soluable type… it was the type that would stick around for years. Now I hear they are using a different type, which is better than the stuff that I had. Lucky people, I guess.
      Well, for the pain, yes that does occur, and I can sympathize with both of you.. I went through it too. Of course, I also had them do the same thing with my internal organs, especially the lower part of the body. At least I had an excellent Radiation Technician.

      I had an x-ray done again in 95 and it showed traces of the dye in the blood system. The “cool” thing about it is that the doctor recognized two minute stones in te intestine that were forming.
      I had to take a lot of arthritic pain relievers for the first 10 years, or at least that’s what I remembered. Talk to your doctor about what’s appropriate to take for pain. Sometimes it helps if you get in the shower and apply wet heat over the affected area. There are also some really good mineral baths out there too to relieve the aches and pains.
      Decompression of the spine is helping me somewhat. Oh well, hope this helped.
      Ann N

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