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      I hate to bring this up again, but here goes.

      I know that the protocol for Graves’ Disease seems to be medication
      and/or the RAI treatment. I have read many, many posts from those
      of you who are at various stages of treatment. Is there nothing that
      can be done about the ANTIBODIES which are attacking our thyroid glands?

      I read an article somewhere on the internet which said that removing
      or destroying the thyroid gland for GD treatment is sort of like
      removing the doorbell because it’s annoying, when actually someone is
      ringing it to tell us our home is on fire. My endo told me today that
      he expects that during the next couple of weeks he will order RAI.
      He’s about to order the destruction of my “doorbell.” May I have
      your thoughts on this? This whole thing seems backwards to me.


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        Did you hit the mark on that one.
        I wanted to fight for my thyorid. But without the right information or
        Doctors with more knowledge. I gave up the ship :{
        I like to say after having GD for almost 18 yrs, I only wish I would have
        found something like this BB – THANK YOU ONLINE and GD group –
        I know there are a lot of people that are OK after treatment but some
        are not!!

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          Rosemary, I don’t know how severe your symptoms are, but don’t let your
          doctor pressure you into doing something you’re not sure of. I’ve had
          graves disease for 4 years now and have considered radiation the entire
          time. I haven’t been able to decide what to do but what I do know for
          sure is I can’t go back on my decision if I do decide to have the
          treatment. Think carefully.

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