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      FYI to those of you who have been kind to inquire…we survived last night’s tornado extravaganza relatively unscathed. The twister in Cedar Park was about 27 miles from our house. We went from having bright sunshine at 4pm to near total darkness by 5pm. Then we listened to tornado sirens for the next three hours (about 4 warning sirens per hour). Didn’t see any flying cows though. Our Golden Retreiver was in sore need of a Prozac and our Heinz 57 variety poodle wouldn’t come out from under our bed all night (smart dog!). Our next door neighbor awoke to find a 100 year old live oak tree uprooted from his front yard lying in his driveway. My main thought was how p—ed I was going to be if I got killed by a tornado less than two weeks after having orbital decompression surgery!! Talk about twisted. Anyway, we are fine, thanks be to God, and thanks to all who have asked.

      Luci @ (1000 Tornado Alley Boulevard, San Antonio, Texas!)

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Lucy!

        Glad you’re still there and not flying around with the cows. I like your address!!! I’m sure it was pretty scary experience having to listen to the tornado sirens. We live in Florida and we watch for hurricanes and tornados all the time, too! We had a tornado go through our town about 5 miles away last spring. It was an eye-opening experience. They get flooded in town also. Its funny because we are closer to the river than they are, but we live in an estuary which distrubutes the water more evenly. The town is more like a valley. One other funny thing. We almost settled in San Antonio when my husband retired from the military. Have heard that you have had some flooding of your own in the past years. Hope your house has remained high and dry and grounded! I’m soooo glad to hear that you are okay. How are your eyes feeling now? I contiplated eye decompression surgery but opted for the radiation. Wondering how your doing.
        All my best,

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