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      Well, tomorrow morning I’m calling the doctors office to say I want to back
      off on the PTU, if not stop taking it altogether. I’m sick and tired of
      being sleepy all the time. I started keeping track and the worst times are
      an hour after taking a dose. This has been going on for a bit. We had company
      over for dinner last night and I had a heck of a time staying awake all

      I’ve also noticed my hair is getting dry (I have super oily hair and I now have to use
      conditioner almost constantly, which I haven’t ever had to do before. If
      I ever used it at all. It usually made my hair greasier sooner).

      Not to mention, the temp in the house was almost 80 degrees last night and I was curled
      up in a blanket asking for the windows be shut. Definately time to talk
      to the doc.


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