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      The man and woman are brother and sister, the other man and woman are
      niece and nephew to each of the first man and woman,(aunt and uncle)
      and cousins
      to each other.
      Does that make sense??????
      It scares me because it makes perfect sense to me…..hehehehe
      By the way is this puzzle from Brent????

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        A family gathering consists of a father, mother, son, daughter,
        brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece, uncle and aunt.

        There are only two men and two women present, They have a common
        ancestor, and there has been no consanguine marriage.

        How is this possible?

        Stay tuned to later for correct answer……..

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          Hi, Lynn! Funny you should ask if this puzzle is from Brent. He *loves*
          figuring out puzzles and usually gets them right! I printed out the puzzle
          for him, and he thinks you’re very close. The niece and nephew *have* to be
          a son and a daughter of the brother and sister, not just any niece or nephew.
          Brent gets a little picky sometimes.

          His answer: A brother and a sister came to the gathering. Each brought
          one child, not of the same gender. Example: the brother brought a son, the
          sister brought a daughter.

          Okay, puzzlemania, Brent thought that one was too easy.

          Brent’s sharp, I’m in a fog! Debby

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            Hi Debbie.
            I figured it was Brent because Mark went to his Homepage and figured
            out a math puzzle he had there. We love puzzles as well.
            I agree with Brent. I just couldnt express it. I know in my mind but can’t spit it out…hehehehe
            Damn GD!!!
            Tell him to give us some brain teasers!!

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