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      Here is today’s offering of poetry. Jake, this one’s for you bud:

      The Calling


      The fire is dancing tonight and the winds are talking
      Dancers from past lives enter the circle
      Leading me back and forth through the history of myself
      The mind searches as the spirit dances

      The drums…dancing to the heartbeat
      Memories of long ago insights to the future
      I hear the winds whispering my sweat lodge dreams
      I see Sungmanitu tanka (the wolf) my guide

      He shows me the ancestors, not mine
      They are not Lakota, or Tsalagi, or Iroquois
      But they are all Nations, one Nation
      Speaking with wisdom to share with each other

      Yesterdays create todays and promises of tomorrow
      The lies will die with the smoke
      And the whispers of the winds are clear and loud
      And we shall all see the return of the buffalo


      ByGerald Fisher

      I know we all have different beliefs of who the higher power is in our lives. But, what we ALL must remember is that there IS a higher power and we must have faith in that power to see us through the bad times. Just remember–you can never have rainbows without storms.

      Mitakuye Oyasin

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        Hi Val,
        Both of your posts were very inspiring. I will have my Husband read both of these this evening, being his hertigage is Native American.

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