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      Don’t be “temporarily shy.” Just jump in. Glad you’re here.

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        Greetings and welcome TS!!!

        You are not the only lurker out there. I do get e-mails from folks who
        read the board and do not post to it. I have had the decompression as
        you have and it was wonderful. I also do a lot of close work, reading and
        computer work. It took me about two months to get OK after the decompression.
        I had strabismus surgery to correct ddouble vvision. I still ended up
        with ddouble vvision bout it is correctable with ground in prisims. Went
        from 20 diopter (base out) to 12 diopter. Try a good full page magnifier.
        Try needle point (right Rosemary) it is great eye exercise and set your
        fonts to 14 or 16 pitch on the computer. It really does help. As Bruce said
        go to Dianne’s home page and read our stories.


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          1. Please e-mail me your address and I’ll write to you.
          2. {Please} Delete the work “SUFFERER” from your vocabulary. It is a really bad message to give yourself, and there is little cure for suffering, other than death. That is not to minimize the extent of the effect of this GD GD, but we HAVE it, and THAT’S bad enough.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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