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      Hi Sue, I read one of the messages that you had your RAI done 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Now, that your hypo,what symptoms are you still experiencing? Do you still have a thyroid? When do these symptoms go away. I have no thryroid and I’m freezing to death, tired of being tired, flu like symptoms at times, memory problems, arthritis,joint and muscle aches, migraines, overweight, beta blockers,etc. Will anything ever be normal again? My doctor has little compassion or concern about my symptoms only what blood tests say every 3 months. I’m the only one working in my house of 6 people and coming to work has become so difficult? The people here at work keep the thermostat at 68-70 and that really isn’t warm enough for me. Tomorrow I’m wearing long johns and thick socks and booties …and mittens. Sorry to go on and on, guess I needed to vent all this frustration out to. Let me know what your readings on the blood tests are, maybe I’ll have something to compare. Thanks Colleen

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