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      This story sounds all too familiar.I have even been through the “attack and get some answers from them” stage. Here is what happens.If you get in your attack mode by asking too many questions, they’ll all think your questioning their authority and knowledge. Then out come the BIG MEDICAL WORD EXPLANATIONS. That’s to throw you off and bring you back down to being humble and passive again. It’s been a long time for myself also. I have been on this enderal for so long. I was on 40 mg 3 x day, and I’ve managed to bring it down to 1 x day by taking half the pill in the morning and half in the evening, but I still feel like my chest hurts all the time, hard to describe the feeling!The heart rate is now at times too low, somewhere between 45-52. There is no one left to turn too and I’ve run out of doctors in this HMO plan. My eyes have become increasingly worse. I had the RAI 8 months, completely hypo now. The eye doctor says these “eye problems” are all symptomatic, meaning what? Between the drooping eye lid,blurred vision, floaters and increasingly bad vision. I’ve been told my blood levels are now normal, so if everything is symptomatic why haven’t my eyes gotten better, instead of worse. Well, thanks for listening Steve and everybody on BB. I’ve been trying to fight this darn depression since I had the RAI, but its hard.

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