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      Hi Shirley and Bobbi – I can’t believe that someone else has the same problems with the anesthetics!! My dentist routinely will give me up to five injections before filling any cavities…the first two barely make a fizz…the feeling is out before the doc even leaves the room for a sec. I also had a ceasarien in May/83 and the epidural did not work properly. When I had my lid surgery in feb, I told anesthetist my problems and he just kinda shrugged ( you know how they do!). Anyway, it took five times the normal amount of freezing and I.V. meds to be able to complete the operation…believe me, the anesth. wasn’t grinning by the time we were done. OUCH!!!! My opthalmologist said this had happened to him once before and figured my body wasn’t absorbing the meds properly. ( an understatement for sure). Anyway, one lid is still lagging and he says a 20 minute op with freezing should do the trick…I am really scared. This whole thing seems totally bizarre. The problem freezing with my teeth and c-section pre-date my GD diagnosis but I wonder if my thyroid has been up and down for years. Suggestions?? Explanations?? Help!!!

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