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      I just got off the phone with the endocrinologist. My next appointment is the 23rd of Dec. and he couldn’t fit me in his schedule earlier so I went to one of the nurses here at the college and she mentioned my pulse rate as extremely low and erratic and she got real concerned. At any rate, can these migraines make you pass out? I did one of those numbers earlier today. Anyway, I did call my Primary Care doctor’s office and scheduled a blood tests for tomorrow. But this endocrinologist bothers me because he didn’t seem concerned at all. In fact, he mentioned he didn’t think any of my symptoms had anything to do with GD! I told him I scheduled a blood test and he grudgingly agreed. He said my thryroid was completely gone after the RAI and that the dosage (100) of synthroid might be too much, but I thought it would of been not enough. I also noticed my vision is real wacky, especially driving at night. I was turning off on roads that wern’t there! Ha ha. It wasn’t so funny last night though. I was never so glad to make it home. These migraines go on all day and tylenol doen’t seem to help, and it feels like someone pulled out all my front teeth, Ugh! Anyway, thanks for listening and caring.

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