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      You are in my thoughts and prayers. Just think you are on your road to
      recovery and one step closer to beating the dreadful eye disease. Let us
      know how it went after you feel up to it.
      Here is a small poem for you:

      Help me God to see the way,
      the way to a better place.
      With Guardian Angels
      and calming spirits
      I feel your warmth on my face.

      I reach out my hand to you,
      for you are always there,
      Loving, caring; guiding me
      when things don’t seem so fair.

      You’re all around me
      to bring me peace.
      I know within
      all I have to do
      is open up and I will win.

      The joy, the peace, the happiness
      that only I can make,
      Is all I really need in life
      and no one else can take.

      Best of Brave Warrior Spirit!

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