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      Dear Mr ‘Booomp’;
      I used to be Mrs ‘bang-bang’. It sure was hard to sleep after my
      night shifts, as use ear plugs to remove back ground noise (ie. doors
      slamming, cupboards crashing, shoes being kicked and hurled off….
      But when I put ear plugs in I got to listen to the ‘drums in my chest’.
      It was scary thinking would my heart break my ribs?! You have a good
      sense of humour but I wonder (?detect) if you are trying (&succeeding)
      to cheer yourself up in doing so. Some of your posts are humourous
      and helpful and others are ?down, sad, deep..?? Tell me, why will it
      be over soon?? What treatment have you,are you having?
      Till the next Post,
      ‘Happy to enjoy 10 days OFF!!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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