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      Dear Rita, What a shock to have a return of such an unwelcome visitor
      as GD. But I do hope that it exactly all that it is, a short
      visit. There is so much info you can get through NGDF and the
      board here. There are people here who have both experience and
      knowledge from their study of the problem, I know you will be hearing
      from all of them. I am much newer to GD and can only wish you the best.
      I encourage you to study and learn as much as you can. And

      I have a request for you. When you have a minute and the focus,
      could you go to

      We have a survey in progress regarding treatment of GD. I hope you will
      add your experience to the collection. Names remain confidential and will
      not be released when this info is shared. The purpose is simply
      to gather some of the wealth of info that passes over this board
      and get it to the hands of people capable and willing to pursue GD
      research. Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Rita, sounds like you got a lousy deal!

        Graves’ Ophthalmopathy isn’t caused by thyroid problems–rather, by the same auto-immune mechanism that caused your thyroid problems, and that’s why the two problems often occur separately. The eyes can be affected by being hyperthyroid (mainly elevation of the upper eyelid which produces “the stare”), and THAT problem resolves with treatment of the thyroid. This is different than the attack on the eye muscles you are now experiencing.

        You can find a lot about this problem by reading the posts on this bulletin board. Hope it goes easy for you!
        Dianne N

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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