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      I can only give you my story. As Kristin described, one day I woke up with double vision which would “clear” in 15-20 minutes. Gradually the time shortened taking only a few blinks to clear right after waking. However, within a month of that, my eyes became extremely swollen (top and bottom); very, very red; watery (tears flowing down my face). Everyone just assumed it was the Austin cedar allergies which can level even a healthy person. No, it was TED. I went through the 10-day radiation treatments finishing up on New Year’s Eve. During the course of the next 4-6 weeks, things did appear to be improving. No more constant watering, no more redness, no more puffiness. I don’t want to fool you, I still have major bags under my eyes, but I no longer looked as if I’d been beaten. (My ocular plastic ophthalmologist and endocrinologist agree that the bags will NOT go away on their own. They assure me that this is just displaced fat that should be behind my eye. Only cosmetic surgery later on will “fix” it.) But gradually, my double vision returned and is now permanent. I haven’t driven since right after Thanksgiving. On April 20, I’ll undergo an optical decompression surgery which I hope will put me on the road to normal vision. Although I do understand that there are no guarantees and that eye muscle surgery in several months will likely also be needed.

      Good luck to you, and try not to obsess too much about how your eyes look. Your true friends won’t care, nor will your family. At least you can see still. I’ve tried to be very, very positive about my condition. It stinks, I certainly won’t try to convince you that it doesn’t, but even people that I didn’t know that well have come forth to help me. And it’s certainly made me a lot more considerate and caring of other people and their conditions.

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