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      Dear Debby:}
      Well,hello there Debby how are you? Good I hope. Some things I disagree with you and some I totally agree.For one I have every right in this world and the next one to for being frustrated and angry too if you want to put it that way its been 11 yrs I have had this disease and only just beginning the treatments for it now,kind of ridiculous don’t you think? Maybe it is my fault for standing for it but I was so scared I thought I was dying and I only worried about my kids being left without a mom,I never new nothing about this thing called Graves Disease,I just new I had two kids to worry about,so the doctor had all of it on his shoulders to look after me I just wanted to be a good mom well i still had time little did i know he’d back-track on me and do nothing like this thing i had would up and go away on its own ,who knows what he was thinking,i had nurses medication home-care,the dentist ,peopl brushing my teeth for me so I thoought I was being taken care of wonderfully,little did I know i was just getting worse day by day hr by hr and i was busy beinb a good mom before they lost me to heaven,what can I say Debbie,alot of wasted yrs went by,maybe I amm angry but I do know i just want to get this behind me once and for all I don’t want to give my time to the doctors anymore then I have too or to greaves either as I can put my time into better things once i get this under control. I think I’m just Plain old tired of all the guessing one does with this diisease,as it can get to you ,you know that more then any of us probably Debbie well I hope this explains abit of why I come out so strong sometimes Debbie no harm done I hope and if there was I’m so so sorry not meant to thats for sure little one Barb take care and sleep well everyone.

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