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      Weight loss, sometimes extreme, like me (27 pounds in 4 weeks) is very common with onset of Grave’s- your metabolism is in overdrive—right now I eat about 3000 or more calories a day and I still weigh the same!
      Then when some one goes hypo, they usually have a problem keeping weight off because their metabolism is slower now.
      Your situation of weightloss is very common.

      Good Luck,


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        I have been diagnosed with Graves for about 6 years – been on carbimazole (English drug – similar to Tapazole) then Carbimazole and Thyroxin after relapse when coming off carbimazole. Doc recently put me on just 10 mg carbimazole, as a long-term measure. Now, though, went to see a doc in the new town where i am living and he told me I should have RAI, because being on a drug that affects immune system long term could be damaging. I am still a bit worried about RAI, esp. since I may wish to have children (I heard that it can affect fertility). I was interested in Ron’s comments about weight. Prior to diagnosis I was over not under-weight. Anyone have a similar experience? Now I thrive best (and feel best) when I am unltra-busy (hyper!)even though I am euthyroid. When I am not working my butt off I feel MORE tired, depressed etc. I guess this is just my personality! Anyway I would be gre=atfeul if anyone has any similar experiences about RAI or being overweight prior to GD diagnosis. (I have since lost a lot of weight and I now nearly at ideal weight)




      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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