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      When I look at the location of this BB it says Support-Group!
      That’s the whole intention. Some people might see things differently
      than others but the fact still remains it’s a support-group. We are
      here to support one another no-matter how petty or redundant
      a comment or aliment might seem to us. If we don’t want to support
      these people it’s easy we don’t come here! No we are very fortunate to
      not have a life threatning disease! But more so we are very, very,
      fortunate to have each other…My prayers are with everyone on this
      board….Thanks for you ear….
      Sorry for poor spelling…….

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        I agree with Troy wholeheartedly. This is a Support Group. While a lively debate can be fine, is this the right forum to be debating about whether people are blaming things all on Graves…it just is a “little” on the unkind side. This is a place where people can be vulnerable about what they feel, hash out what they think is causing it…it’s not a place to take pot shots at them for feeling that way. Sympathy and understanding are in order. This isn’t the high school debate team.

        There are people on this board who are truly suffering, I know that I don’t experience half the symptoms that many do. How many of us are familiar with the feeling Valerie expressed about waking up wondering if the next day we’ll be insane? How many people have suffered through scary eye surgeries? (And the fear BEFORE an actual procedure is real and painful, too). I know that there are several of us young mothers, who struggled through taking care of our children; there a people who are out there braving the working world. Some of us have families who have been far from sympathetic. Some of us have doctors who treat us like numbers. I think a debate on something of this nature is equivalent of kicking someone when they are down. Some days people need to let it out, maybe the rest of the week they do “buck up, keep a stiff upper lip, etc.” but there are days when it feels good to pour it out to others who understand those days. Remember, it says Support Group.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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