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      I don’t know that all “beta Blockers” are equal, but the one I am on is not very long acting, I think it is 5 hours. I take it AM and PM. And I think not all of us react the same., but You don’t necessarily have to get all the listed possible side effects. When I first started beta blockers, I had my husband read the side effects and not tell me, but he was here if I had any problems. After I had been doing fine on them, I read the whole circular.It was a kind of a “don’t plant the seed in my fertile little mind” experiment. I have resisted any meds I haven’t absolutley needed my whole life. I take beta blockers and drop right off to sleep. I suspect we can all respond to these chemicals according to our differences. And although an accepting calm mind helps to a degree, there are chemicals and hormones that mind doesn’t do a thing about. One man’s meds can truly be another’s poison.

      So having said that, let me say that taking Tapazole once a day and feeling better
      does not seem like a very big deal to me compared to the other big deals possible. Now if, when I am older I have experienced remission and then a relapse, I know that I would never cruise along hyper wondering what is happening, next time I would know. Besides I’ll be having my blood checked. So then I would take Tapazole again
      Besides, as we age so do these glands, lots of elderly people take synthyroid because the gland slows down, burns out etc. If you can take the antithyroid drugs
      you could always get rid of your gland later. Doing the irreversible process first seems it should require great certainty.

      Now lots of the folks on this BB have explained clearly how and why they made their RAI decisions. I could hear that they really considered the options and their particularities and that seems right.
      But when I hear that people are told, If you are age XX everyone does this. Or if no one has even mentioned the other options to a patient, it drives me wild. when I first read about the antithyroid drugs, I was scared of them, but as I read about the blood work that would be done to assure I was not going to be left on them if any damage was happening, I decided to take a try. Within ten days I was feeling the reprieve from the hormone levels. Realize that with 440 the top of normal I had 2510 for a T3 reading, so we aren’t talking about a mild case . And as far as age goes, I don’t still remember what I did on my 40th birthday. (Oh, yes I do, went skiiing in Yosemite)
      Anyway,.this long post is to say. Try the drugs so that you can feel better and then
      maybe with concentration restored a bit, and a little calm you can study your options and feel like,” the you you were used to being” and then can particpate in the decision.
      Wishing you well Jeannette

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