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      Hi MLC, I put your story on the homepage, so check it out and let me know if you want any additions/changes. . .if you would send me your email address, I could add that so you could get responses. Your story has a lot of information that is new to me, and I’d like to talk to you further. Thanks for taking the time to share! Updates can be made whenever you like.

      Lynn from Toronto sent her story also, so for anyone who’s interested, please visit the page again:

      Dianne N

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        Sorry, for the previous message having such a squirrly subject line –
        I goofed – again.

        Just thought I’d let you all know that I’m feeling lots better today.
        I’ve been off the PTU for 5 days now and the pain in my legs is
        completely gone and just a little in the knees. Haven’t even had
        an aspirin today. YEAH!!!:) Will do levels in a week to see what’s
        going on.

        My mood is a whole lot better, too. I had to apologize to my hubby
        Sunday night for being so crabby and critical. Bless him – he just
        gave me a hug and said he knew what was going on and just lets it go.

        Thanks for all the prayers and wishes for good luck. When I get some
        definitive results, I’ll share.


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          Hi everyone! I finally added a detailed account of my eye surgeries on
          my homepage. It’s a link on my Graves’ page. Take a look when you
          get a chance. I have a new URL, so go to:

          Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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