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      Hey, I know this is a little cliche, but if they can’t handle a simple thyroid problem, they probably will let you down in the future when other worse thing might come up. I would also recommend refering to it as a thyroid condition, not a “disease.” I know this sounds weird, but the word disease can really make someone feel like your contagious or something. I’ve told friends before who gave that “wooh, get away” joke, but I know that people really feel that way sometimes.

      I usually plug it like, since I have Graves’, I’ll be president someday! (George Bush)

      Good Luck, Don’t worry, you’ll find someone to accept you for you with all the good and the bad.


        Post count: 93172

        Micheal if you start a relationship inform the educate
        the person about GD if they do not have the proper
        knowledge of the disease, and most done until they
        get diagnosed with it :)
        After all it’s not contagious. If that person cares
        for you enough they will want to understand it.
        In any relationship it’s not easy, I was 24 when
        diagnosed and had been in a relationship for over
        4 years. We just celebrated our 10th year together
        in November and I feel truly blessed. I’m not the
        easiest person to live with at times, when my levels
        are off I know how unbearable I am. So far he has
        stuck by me, even though he loses his patience at
        times also. If you find the right person your
        relationship should work. Communication is a key
        factor with any couple but even more so, I think, when
        you have Graves.

        Take care,

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