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      Hiya Meg,

      I’m 22 and was diagnosed with GD about a year ago or so. I know how you feel about not wanting to go out and see your friends. This disease hasn’t caused me to look any different, well, except for the major weight loss (15 pounds in a month). However, I can’t keep up with my friends. They all go out dancing, drinking, and all that jazz. I just can’t do it. Finding this BB, even though most of the people on it are a little older than you or me, has been fantastic. I have new friends that understand what I’m going through. I have the hardest time trying to explain to my friends here that I really am sick. I haven’t met too many other people who are young with GD. For that matter, I haven’t actually met anyone with GD in person. Only on this board. No one in Hawaii has heard of it or something. :-) We’re so behind, I guess. Even on diseases. Just kidding. GD is not exactly a well known thing, although I’ve found that if you talk to someone who has it or who knows someone with it, they’re quite knowledgable about it. Anyway, enough babbling. I love to ramble on so… If you want to talk or whatever, e-mail me. My address is Or you can just click on my name on the BB. There’s also a chat room that you can register for. Once you do that, you can talk to most of us in real time… Hang in there. Remember, if your friends are really your friends, they’ll try to understand and be there for you.

      Warm Fuzzies, Caroline

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