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      Thanks for answering Mary. After they did the MRI, it was found that there was extreme arthritis with tissue damage on the 3,4, and 5 segment of the spine right at the neck. The results warranted them to do a mylegram right away within a week. The mylegram didn’t show any compression of the spine yet or bone spurs they call them. I’m inclined to think that (1) my GD being untreated for over a yr,and then on (2) PTU (600 Mg) for over a yr created the situation, and the last thing (3) RAI worsened the damage according to the tissue damage by the MRI report. Of course, the orthpedic surgeon advised surgery. I said NO. Aches and pains include arm and shoulder pain with both arms, swelling, numbness and tingling with the hands. If I go shopping and walk around for more than a couple hours, one arm will start aching, hand swells up more and looks a little discolored, neck pain, joint and leg pain. Arn’t you glad you asked? So, anyway how’s the weather out where you are? Snow and ice storm here. I just slid right into work. I went over to see someone else’s basket of flowers for Valentines Day. That is sickning when you have to go see someone else’s Valentines Flowers. HA HA

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