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      She also needs a FREE T-4. Your TSH can come up but if your Free T-4 doesn’t come down, you can still be hyper, as in my own case. No one reacts the same to this disease so each doctor must learn to treat each patient as an individual and respond to symptoms as much as lab results.

      And there was a comment in a post earlier about Mary’s chiropractor saying he could CURE Graves. Well, if he can, I want to meet him because I have never read of a cure. Everything I have ever read or heard or been told is that is can go into remission, sometimes even permanently, but it IS NOT CURED.

      Mary, whatever you decide, it is just that, YOUR choice and we will all be here for you. Just keep us informed as to how you are and how you are feeling. We’ve all been there in one way or another. Believe me, if one of us doesn’t understand a symptom or sympathize, another one will!

      Mitakuye Oyasin

        Post count: 93172

        Mary, it is your choice what doctor you go see. However, I think you’ve got enough posts telling you what is usually the best doctor to go to, and I deffinitely agree. The plain truth is that endo’s can’t even get it right sometimes, and they are the experts in this. I would be very scared going to see anyone else when I see the results of many endos!!!
        NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT, Don’t go by your T-4 reading- this is where a endo could come in real handy—Your T-4 reading is not a good indicator of your condition at all. Your best indicator would be a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) or a Free T-3 test, or both actually. If anyone reading this agrees, please post…I think this is important for Mary.



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