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      Hi Margie. Thanks very much for your response to my questions. I intend
      to take your suggestion to read as much as I can, and try to find
      appropriate medical care. Thirty years ago, we did not have access to
      the information that is available today. I certainly do not remember
      being told that I could be revisited by any future problems once the
      goiter and thyroid were removed. However, I was very young and perhaps
      this information went right by me. Once I get over my surprise at both
      seeing the world through these new eyes and renewing my acquaintance
      with what I thought was long behind me, I’m sure I’ll move on with
      things and decide how to integrate this into my life. I have a wonderful
      husband and 4 boys, and lots of interesting things going on that keep
      me busy so will continue on with my work, hopefully with an even
      greater appreciation for good health. I hope that you are feeling well
      now and I wish you good luck with your eyes! Thanks again. Rita

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