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      Hi Margaret –
      I’m sure there are others who can give you lots of advice on graves’
      better than I can. I was diagnosed about a month ago. I insisted on
      seeing an endocrynologist, see if you can do the same. It sounds like you
      have been prescribed ptu; this will suppress your overactive thyroid.
      After awhile, you may go into remission using the drug therapy. Sometimes
      remission is temporary. I chose RAI or radioactive iodine treatment.
      I will be treated in two weeks. It’s a small dose of tagged iodine that
      attacks the overactive thyroid, usually making it eventually hypo or
      underactive. Then there are replacement hormones, either synthetic or
      natural. I would read the last 30 days worth of messages, it’s certainly
      been helpful to me. Also check all the links here. Try and see a specialist, get and uptake and scan
      to confirm the diagnosis. What are your symptoms? I went in originally
      for heart palpitations, so I’m taking a beta blocker, it helps somewhat.

      If you are in childbearing years there are other ramifications for taking
      ptu. If you want you can email me at
      good luck, and keep searching, there’s lots of good info out there!

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        Hi Margaret, My graves was determined by my t3 and t4 levels and my tsh level along with a thyroid scan (x-ray) Just because your daughter show she’s hyperthyroid doesn’t mean she has graves disease. Let us know! Good luck

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          Dear Margaret, I would be encouraged by the lack of antibodies ref. the TSI test for your daughter. MY mom had graves, I do but thankfully my oder brother has found out that his symptoms are tyroiditis, hyper but not graves. Your dau’s treatment should depend on her profile, not her sister’s. While we waited on my bro’s test it just seemed so likely due to the family history, but we got good news. Best wishes to you and all your family.Jeannette

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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