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      OK OK,

      It appears that a lot of folks haven’t taken the time to look over the NGDF home page (there
      is a link to it at the top of this BB). The book your thyroid is on our recommeded reading
      list, with a lot of others. It give the author’s name publisher and where to get it. Take
      time to look our home page over with it’s links and bulletins and recommended reading lists.
      We have links to many informative sources for Graves disease and Graves eye problems. Our
      frequently asked questions will also answer a lot of the questions we have seen posted this.
      Print out the reading list and FAQ for future reference. They will help you greatly. This has
      been a non-paid anouncement from the National Graves Disease Foundation. If you find this
      BB helpful there is an on-line application to join the NGDF. Keep writing and keep reading.

      And Above all have fun. There is an Indian saying that I would like to pass along. It says
      “The heart would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears” I find comfort in that thought.
      Out of sorrow can come a rainbow and brighten up your life.


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        The book “YOUR THYROID” was written by Lawrence C. Wood, David S. Cooper and E. Chester Ridgway, all M.D., F.A.C.P. It was written in 1982, but it I highly recommend reading it anyway. My local library has a copy, which sits before me now. A large number of the questions people ask on this BB are answered in the book.
        Dianne N

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          Hi Lyn If you could get the arthur’s name of the book, “Your Thryoid” I’ll run out tonight and try to find it! Thanks

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