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      Hi Lin,

      I can pick up some of these questions. They start replacement hormone when they can verify that you are hypo. It is really impossible to know when (or if) someone will go hypo after the RAI, though your radiology oncologist (who administers the dose) may have a general idea. Mine told me 6 months to 10 years, and so far it’s been one year and I haven’t gone hypo yet. My endo keeps a “standing order” at the lab for me so that I can go get my blood tested any time I feel I may be slipping into hypo ranges. I’ve suspected it a few times, but it has never turned out to be the case (yet). I am on a regular cycle of testing my blood every 6 weeks, though we’ve cut the office visits to every 12, since it’s taking so long.

      They say that 6 weeks is a good window within which to take blood, as it is possible for the body to retain extra thyroid hormone for up to 6 weeks. You could test again within that period and no change would show, for some people. People who are given higher doses of RAI than I got are likely to go hypo much faster, so it just makes sense to know yourself and know the symptoms, then match them up. By the way, it’s much preferable to get tested and be wrong than to suffer in a hypo state, as the replacement hormone can take a while to kick in!

      Wishing you good luck and good health, as soon as possible! Be grateful for all the stuff you can, that will help.


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