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      I am avoiding RAI at all costs, as well. Several people I have spoken to and corresponded with have mentioned that eye problems often get worse afterward, and my eyes are already very light-sensitive. I believe that the mind can rally the body’s healing mechanism, although I haven’t been as persistant about getting outside hellp in this method, as you and KarenB. I find it extremely difficult these days, to lower my heart rate with meditation. I have managed to get it down to 94, but I still have a long way to go. It could be that the relentless stress in my life makes it harder than it used to, to shut my brain down.

      You are right about allergies – they are autoimmune diseases, just like Graves’. When an allergist treats these problems, he gives his patient a serum with the very allergin that triggers the histamine reaction – you become de-sensitized to the pollen, food, animal, whatever. I understand some homeopaths treat hyperthyroidism the same way. I have an appointment to see one next Friday – well – he is also a chiropractor, and this science also many times rubs MD’s the wrong way, like homeopaths and naturopaths almost always do. I tend to gravitate toward other rebels – just look at all the different answers people here get from their doctors. Normal?? IS there such a thing? I don’t think ANYbody knows the right way to deal with this. Besides – I have hated doctors since the birth of my daughter, 11 years ago. They are too quick to interfere with natural processes.

      I find this support group can be enlightening, but also very depressing and scary, but I have a very good friend with whom to share those feelings, as a result. KarenB, thanks for letting me dump on you, and for calling me, when I am too busy to stop and call you. I kept my promise – I took my medicine this morning, and will do so tomorrow. I’m really encouraged by the news you got today from your endo. Keep up the good work – I see you healthy!


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        Howdy Pam

        First thing is that the eye problems only sometimes get worse after RAI, the odds are they won’t but if the eyes are really bad the docs usually won’t chance it.

        Also, please watch it carefully and keep somewhat of an open mind, there is some wisdom in western medicine also. Have talked to too many people that have had major problems from not wanting to have the RAI, such as heart damage, and stroke even. (I know all too well it seems hard to find a “good” western doc!! )

        I first went the herbal/acupuncture route long before going to the eye doc and now have permanent eye nerve damage. Along the way I have also done just about all types of alternatives and have found some to be useful but none a “cure”, and know no one who has had complete luck with just the “alternative” treatments.

        I honestly (gonna be blunt here!) think some people get depressed from reading this board if they don’t hear what they want to hear when reading it. I find it to be the greatest and am totally inspired by the courage of my friends posting here.

        Having a great live WITH Graves’ myself. Might as well, its here to stay


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          It’s nice to know there are rebels around. My now ex-endo told me I could make
          the decide which “treatment ” I wanted and then said “Sweetpea, It’s your choice
          but let’s make an appointment for RAI”. Ok, who’s choice?

          You’re right this place depressed me last night, I heard more about let’s do RAI
          then what else is there. Everyone makes the decision for themselves . I met a
          beautiful lady of 60 during Thanksgiving. We met because she to has GD and
          my father thought we should meet. She looks like the perfect picture of health,
          and she had RAI four years ago. She now is suffering from muscle weakness,
          Carpul tunnel, blurry eyes, she’s dangerously underactive at times, she is very
          forgetful. She is just like me but for the carpal tunnel and underactive part.

          I don’t want to exchange problems. If there is even a remote chance to healing
          myself I will do it.

          By the way I’ve heard about some new “wonderdrugs” I’m on some and feeling
          a bit better, maybe it’ all in my mind. But who cares?

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            Hi! Well, I have to agree that if you listen to alot of complaining it can get depressing. It’s so important to keep a positive out look. I really try to make that a daily thought, and have made a sign and hung it on my wall so everyday I remind myself to think positive. I also think that’s it’s good to have people that have been thru this too. I know for me, it’s been a validating experience to have others have some of the symptoms that I still have, even tho my doc says I should be symptom free now. But rather that wallow in the “I’m sick, I’m sick” stuff, which I could really get into sometimes, I try and just take it for what it’s worth, and say “OK I know I’m not crazzy, other’s have experienced this too” and that feels like a more positive approach for me. Well, thanks for listening.

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              Hey I like that sign idea. Especially for those reallt rotten mornings. The first time
              I talked to someone with GD I was so relieved not to be alone. Not that I’d wish
              this on anyone. So it’s nice to be able to write here, and see what others go
              through, same or different.


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