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      To Kendra and Jeanette regarding headaches and survey — I get clusters of headaches
      for days on end when I’m feeling my worst. I had a really bad last week and have
      had this pressure-type headache since last Thursday. The headaches seem to
      parallel the fatigue, and I find myself desperately needing more sleep. Nothing
      seems to help them–and I get this bad bachache along with the headaches. Usually
      I just have to bear with it all until it all spontaneously abates.

      I also have a question to pose to the BB. I’ve been on 30mg of Tapazole for
      daily for 3 1/2 months, and in some ways am feeling better. However, in the
      last two weeks I’ve noticed that something is happening to my fingernails!
      They’re getting somewhat red, sore and irritated around the fingertips under the
      nail bed. Does anyone know if this might be a reaction to the Tapazole (my
      white cell count going down, maybe?) or is this just another *new* manifestation
      of GD? Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

      Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you wonderful folks on the BB…

        Post count: 93172

        Dear Kendra, The girl with no E-mail address. I have been lying in
        wait for you. I read some of your earlier posts and have hoped that
        you would fill out the survey. Do you know what I mean?
        I have asked some questions about symptoms and treatments and about 75
        folks here on the BB have responded. we will share with each other
        and researchers and…whoever if it will help improve knowledge
        and treatments. Can you play?
        You can access the survey at Annette and archie put it there to help us!

        Cool huh? Now as regards you monumental typing effort to share your headache experience, what a sweety!
        I have printed it up to give to this 19 year old boy who has had them his whole life. been to a few docs but his parents
        are in disagreement about docs, money and well, this kid falls through crack. But he got a job and will
        soon have ins. and is eager for info so I’ll send it to him. Thank you

        Hope to hear from you soon Jeannette

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