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      I sure to do understand what your saying Kendra. My husband of 25 yrs. still thinks I can hold down a full-time job along with 4 kids. It takes everything I’ve got to make it through the day, after an hour driving here and back. He actually wants me to volunteer to be a Den mother for scouts. Oh, and there is that second job on the side of an apple orchard farm, which I might add I have lost half my trees because-I couldn’t spray because I was too sick to walk out and take care of them. Did I forget about household duties? Can’t forget about the many meals and the 12-15 loads of wash a week. When I ask my doctor, “What about my orchard business at home and what I should do? He acted like he could of cared less. I told him if he had GD, he’d be concerned about his practice. Now, that I’ve got that off my mind, does everyone feel better!

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        People can be really insensitive, can’t they? I had such problems with insomnia, anxiety,
        etc. I was missing ALOT of our normal family activities. One day while my husband was
        at church with the girls without me, someone asked him where I was. He replied about how
        miserable I was feeling etc, to which the person made a snotty comment about hyperthyroidism
        not being that bad and what kind of life was that. My husband politely asked him if he should
        just take me out and shoot me! I’m still taking care of three kids, mountains of laundry,
        piles of dishes, etc, etc. I can’t even imagine what combining that with a fulltime job would be like.
        Anyone who is doing that to deserves a monument built in their honor!

        The beta blocker I started taking last week is making a WORLD of difference. My anxiety
        problems were mostly precipitated by the racing, skipping heart thing which is now under
        control. Yipee. Maybe I’ll have a little of my life back! Glynis

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          Thanks for the message. I’ve been feeling quilty of not being able to go to some big Penn State football game a couple weeks ago with the family. It was just too much to leave at 7 a.m in the morning and drive for 4 hrs. there and 4 hours back and then sit out in the cold to watch a football game. Sorry guys, I really don’t appreciate the game like the 5 men in my family. All I can see is a bunch of boys out on a field chasing some ball up and down the field, and alot of times that game gets pretty blurry! The family really didn’t understand why I couldn’t go and felt I was some party pooper! I really don’t understand the lack of insensitivity and compassion any more. I take beta blockers 3 times a day and it still down’t help alot. Since I had the RAI and 6 months later started the Synthryoid, the old pounding heart is still bothering me. Do these beta blockers have anything to do with bringing down anyone’s hormone levels or is it the synthyroid? I thought after 6 months I wouldn’t need the beta blockers anymore! When does all this end???? It’s getting harder and harder to hide this GD from where I work, but I know if you start explaining things they’ll assume that you arn’t able to do the job adequately anymore. How does one cope. I just came back from my l hour lunch nap in my car because I’m afraid to even ask that this place put a couch in the ladies room then they’ll think I’m laying down on the job when they are not here? Well, enough of all this. I think I’ll go home and throw the football around in the snow outside!

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            Ah yes, the male football mentality. You’re supposed to be tough and get in there and play not matter how much your’e hurtin. (down those pain killers!). You might guess I’m not much of a fan here too. :)

            On a serious note, you may want to check out your rights under the new Family medical leave act or whatever its called. Email Dianne for more info ( I think she can fill you in on this.


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