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      I actually am dyslexic. When I was you I was learning to write and I wrote from right to left and backwards. I had a severe case. I felt like I’ve had such a rough life. One problem after another. Dyslexia, chronic gastritis, asma, allergies…one thing after another. I just want to be normal. I don’t want to be sick any more. I saw a psychologist for a few months when I developed clinical depression. Dr. said it was from my thyroid. And it only helped so much. He didn’t seem to understand a lot of how I felt was because of my thyroid. He would rationalize why it was a wrong way to feel and then I just felt like he didn’t understand and that it thought my feelings were trivial. Eventually I just quit going. I have a claendar I carry, but I forget and don’t write stuff in it. So I gues for it to help I have to remember to use it. No one can promise it gets better though can they? How do you learn to laugh about it?


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