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      Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions. Kelley started her medication yesterday (25 MG Atenolol once a day – and 10 MG Tapazole three times per day). We will continue to monitor her progress and then ultimately have to decide on the RAI or surgery. We have seen no changes in her eyes up to now but because of what her sister went through with all the eye surgeries, she is currently leaning toward having the thyroid surgically removed. Anyway, we do have a lot to consider.

      Jake – My daughters and I read your story last night! What a nightmare you have had to endure with GD – my heart goes out to you. We are also glad your wife and son didn’t trade you in, you sound like a really “special” person. Thank you also for starting this BB – It has been so helpful for those of us enveloped by this disease.
      Lets hope the new year bring the “results” we are all looking forward to.

      With warm regards,


      Happy New Yer

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        Dear Margaret, Glad to hear that your daughter has begun treatment. It doesn’t seem that you are even considering the possibility that on Tapazole she may go into remission. Did the doctor talk to you about that? It is conservative to say that 55% stay in remissi0n. The remission rates are higher in Japan and other countries. Anyway, I’d vote for that! Bye for now, Jeannette

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          Hi all –

          Lots of recent postings on surgery preferred over RAI. I don’t recall
          reading many postings like this.

          My endo didn’t really go into surgery, only RAI and PTU. She decided
          unilaterally that I would have RAI right after my uptake was done. I called
          the day before my uptake and cancelled the treatment afterwards, thanks
          in big part to the encouragement of those on this BB who insisted that
          getting levels back to normal, doing more research, and then making
          a better informed decision was probably a good way to go.

          Question: is there less of a chance of having to go on synthroid after
          surgery? If surgery is such a simple, relatively painless way to go, why
          the big push to do RAI from all these docs?

          Thanks for your thoughts on this. SusanR

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