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      I’m finally back into the life of the living with my family and out of isolation!
      My RAI went ok Monday. I was told to isolate myself for 4 to 7 days since my kids
      are so young. But today I couldn’t stand it so I came out of my isolation shell.
      I’m keeping my kids away from me till Monday :( I really missed all you Wednesday night
      but my radiologist said that I would be so radioactive that I’d mess up my pc and cordless phone.
      The only trouble I’m having now is a bad sore throat and severe jerking in bed at night from my
      hips downward. I am taking my Inderal 60 mgs nightly so maybe once t6he RAI works all my jerking
      will stop. Can’t wait for Wednesday night! God bless you and everyone who has helped me get
      through this terrible time.

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