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      Hi Jake, I was wondering if you read the message about only 10% of people have an on-going battle with GD? Perhaps that’s why I’m showing normal blood levels but not feeling so good? It seems, though, from reading this bb alot of people still have problems. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that. Thanks and have a happy holiday and great new year. Trish

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        Good Morning Trish!!

        Yes I have seen the posts about the 10% Nancy or I probably posted them.
        If you look on our (NGDF) home page you will see we say 7 million people
        have a thyroid disease 3 million don’t know it yet. If there is 10% of
        7 million people that is 700,000 or 300,000 with the lesser figure. Doesn’t
        make it sound so rare now does it. Those of us here are the newly diagnosed
        looking for answers or the 10 percenters wondering what the hell is going

        The newly diagosed can get information I know I wish I had prior to deciding
        what treatment to take as well as get information on the disease. The 10%’s
        get a helpful and listening ear and they know they are not alone. I posted an
        earlier message about Indian beliefs and the warrior spirit. Debby Jass was
        the first I think to call herself a GD warrior. I LIKE IT!!!

        I have been thinking about a T-shirt design for my local group and I think I
        have it now. I will use the NGDF emblem and have Graves Disease Warrior
        under it. I am sure it will raise questions when I wear it in public and
        I like the mentality of it. I will let you know how it comes out.


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          Happy Holidays
          I would love to have a t-shirt like that
          Please let us know if we can get one!!!
          Another GD WARRIOR
          Lynn the PB, from Toronto

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            Ah Jake,
            You have (re?)discovered that no one at your job will take care of
            your family or you. It only took my 43 years to act on that. I knew
            it of course-but didn’t act. That is why I took the step
            of going to a modified day but remember I was a hair’s breadth from
            quitting after 26 years on the job.

            Now advice from Mother Jones: If you have a library or book store near
            you, read (or better yet get the book on tape) Steven Covey’s First
            Things First and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It is
            very positive and very revealing and is most applicable to those of
            us with ultra-stress at work yet deeply loving our families. It is
            applicable to the corporate life and home. I have recommended it to
            some folks where I work (and actually saw the purchase order go
            through for the tapes.) I listened to the tapes for both books.
            This BB is as much reading as I get in so the tapes were just right.
            (Covey was on Opra I noticed on the MLK holiday.) I hope you have the
            opportunity to check these out.

            Kindly, Juls aka Mother Jones

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              Thanks for the note. You and crazy Steve, Ann, Debbie, Dianne, Roxanne and every
              one else (Rosemary not Roxanne) thanks for the e-mails and virtual cards. They
              helped a lot. Hope to talk to you all tonight.


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