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      I tried antihistamine creams, antihistamine pills with no luck in getting rid of the itch. What does work for me are good quality moisturizers or body oils — or soaks in a tub laced with a garden-variety bath oil. For me, at any rate, the itch seemed to come from incredibly dry skin rather than from some other cause.

        Post count: 93172

        I was really itchy for weeks and felt like an animal! I used pens,
        forks & knives often and a favourite was doorways & corners of walls.
        It was mostly in the trunk area with the back a lot. Didn’t think much
        about it at the time but rather that it’s like a mosquito bite: more
        you think about it the worse it gets. At this time I was perspiring
        a lot too – which I never do and is rare to even feel sweat underarms.
        So I showered often but still itched. After going on Beta Blockers and
        than A.T.D.’s it left me. Now that I am quite hyper post R.A.I. for
        this short period I find myself often scratching++ again.

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