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      Hi, thanks for the reply. I feel worse reading all this stuff than
      I did when I was diagnosed! Is this a progressive disease? Whats up
      with all the eye problems, radiation, surgery, etc. I thought if
      you took the pills you would get better, depending on the severity
      of course, which mine is low, thank goodness! Thanks and take care.

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        Good Morning!! Yeah, I know what you mean about all the stuff on this board…a lot of it is frightening, and when I was first diagnosed, I was terrified that I would manifest the same degree of symptoms as are addressed on this BB. But, fortunately, my case is mild as well and I hope to keep it under control with the anti-thyroid drugs…I’ll just have to see…so far, so good. I have no eye symptoms, no tremors, none of the other stuff but a rapid heartbeat and that’s coming under control. I don’t think Graves is really “progressive” as much as it is just forever. To me, that just means being aware, being informed, keeping a solid perspective, and doing what I’m supposed to medicine wise. If another treatment is deemed necessary, then I’ll evaluate my options carefully and decide what’s right for me and my situation. I think the worst thing is not knowing what to expect….but time takes care of that. Do take care!! And hang in there.!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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