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      I have read Bobbys answer to your question and I have to admit I have
      experienced taking medication a bit differently. I had taken Carbimazol
      for 1.5 years the first time and the second time (which is now) for 10
      month, with levels back to normal I am ready for another remission.
      I never had any problems with the drugs. I just recently switched to
      PTU (just because we were thinking about having a baby – PTU is supposed
      to be better in that case). Remission is possible with medication and
      can be tried for as long as one does well with the medication.
      It just needs a bit more patients,
      because it might take over a year.I never had to worry about keeping
      a specific time schedule, if I miss one pill I just take it whenever I
      remember. I never worried about any shots, I don’t have flu shots (my
      doctor doesn’t believe in them) but I had other vacinations last
      year while on medication and had no problems what so ever.
      So for me taking PTU or any other drug is an option worth trying out as
      long as I do well with the medicine. Not everybody develops Grave symptoms
      after a remission. I did once, but I hope, with the support of hemeopathic
      treatment to stretch the time between acute Graves-periods.
      P.S. The thought of not having a thyroid also scares me. And taking away
      the thyroid does not remove Graves, it only removes the target organ Graves
      effects. The autoimmune problem will still be there.

        Post count: 93172

        Pam, you have a thorough understanding of this disease. It is exactly that
        although the target organ and its hormones which are so necessary to life
        are destroyed after treatment, THE DISEASE IS STILL PRESENT.
        44 years and counting.

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