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      Hi Ellen,
      I just got the news from the doctor that my TSH has come up so
      actually I am hoping to go without medicine pretty soon to. That
      is pretty good new. This will be my second time I am hoping for
      a remission. I have been diagnosed with Graves for the first time
      some years ago, had taken pills for almost 1.5 years when TSH come
      back up to normal. I was without Graves for almost two year. This
      time I was diagnosed in Feb.. I started to go for hemeopathic treatment
      on top of taking medicine. Now it seems as if (only 9 month latter)
      I might be able to go without it again. I had been feeling healthy ever
      sice my T3 and T4 had been leveled. I am doing very well with the
      medicine, so in case I will come again, I will simply go through another
      cycle again.
      I am happy for you – I know it’s a great feeling!!


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