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      Thanks for your responses and welcome! Yeah, I’m on an antidepressant right now. Why the doctor never had blood tests run before I went on them, I’m not sure. I have an appointment scheduled next week to talk to her about it. We were weaning me off of them, so I would be med-free to try and get pregnant. That is now delayed to treat my GD. Hopefully not for long. Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and get off of the anti-depressants, treat the GD, and see what kind of affect that has on my psyche. Hope my psychiatrist agrees. We’ll see.

      Anyway, I was going to comment on the sleep thing. Seems I can sleep anytime, anywhere. Falling to sleep doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s waking up. What you all said makes sense — that my boby is in overdrive, so it gets tired out. I am exercising — walking 25 minutes 5 times a week. Not much, but it’s something. Think that helps a little with my energy too.

      Again, thanks!

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