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      I finally got to talk to the dr. He started to talk about the meds he increased a week ago.

      I said that was the wrong drug and it was not what
      I was calling about. I told him about the insomnia and the crying
      spells and muscle spasms.. And that the pharmacist told me to contact him

      I told him I had a complaint. That I was calling back three of four times
      to see whether I should take the meds.. And that the nurse or whomever was telling
      him what I said did not tell him everything… Wait till he heres about the
      endo fellow who told me it was all in my head..

      I talked to the dr and got one thing clarified.. What does he say when he wants me to
      call and talk to him immediately .. And what does he tell his staff..
      He said he would tell his staff to interrupt him… Well couldn’t the office
      staff get into their heads I didn’t understand it was not immediate.
      They certainly knew.. by what he said..

      Someone could have told me… Now I know the difference.. However the nurse
      who talked to me did not tell him I was not on the T and I wanted to know
      if I should take it..

      I tell you what it is amazing to me how good I feel on the T.

      yesterday while I was on it, I felt like my heart was going to burst… It was all tight I couldn’t
      breathe… And the nurse says wait till after lunch….

      Well, I would like to thank all who answered and helped. It was nice to know I
      was not alone.. It can be very frightening..

      today I see my doctor after all the scheduled patients are gone… I want to clarify things. like
      What do I do when I am waiting for him to call back and it is practically the same situation
      and something happens to me that is serious… And I can’t get through because he is busy with patients and the
      office help won’t talk to me and just brush me off?

      And also I would like to know what are the possible emergency situations withe these meds.. like yellow skin,
      fever etc. and what do I do… Then step one..

      so I hope to get a lot cleared up today. We shall see.

      Thanks again,

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