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      I saw my gp yesterday and believe it or not I am mildly hyper again, thus the reason for my anxiousness/nervousness. My blood pressure is up,
      I feel hot, have lost at least 3 pounds and the list goes on as usual.
      I take eltroxin. I am super sensitive to the thyroid hormone thus now my
      gp wants me to only take a tablet every second day and I have to see him again in two weeks and get some more blood work done as well.
      I take one of the smallest doses of exltroxin, believe it or not. I only take
      50 mcg (which I believe is 0.50). Isn’t the smallest dose .25? All I know is that he tells me I am the most challenging patient he has with respect to hormone. He has over 60 patients in his practice with thyroid disorders and the majority of them have so much difficulty with being
      tired that he cannot prescribe enough replacement hormone for them.
      I am the exception to the rule. Too much sets me off being hyper again.
      The last bloodwork I had done my T4 was in the normal range.

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